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Siding is one of those things that seems fine right up until it isn't. While you may expect a day where you need to replace your siding, you probably don't know when that day will be. However, a simple inspection and a few quick tips can help you make the decision as to if it is time for new siding on your home.

Inspecting Your Siding

If you aren't sure what damaged or deteriorating siding looks like, this inspection can help you decide if your siding is damaged and needs replacement.

  • Missing Materials — If whole panels of siding are falling off, loose, or just plain gone. You will need to replace, at least, those areas or risk home damage.
  • Warping, Rotting, or Disfigurement — Some sidings, like vinyl, can warp when exposed to strong sun exposure over the years. Other sidings materials, like wood, can rot over years of moisture exposure. If this is starting to happen to any area, it needs replaced.
  • Mold and Mildew Growth — If spotted early, mold and mildew can simply be cleaned away. However, if you ignore it, eventually you will be left with only the option to replace the siding. It becomes too ingrained in the material, staining or ruining it.

When to Consider Siding Replacement Outside of Damage

Aside from when it is obviously damaged, there are other times you might want to consider siding replacement.

 To Add a New Look

For some, the time to replace their siding is when they intend to sell their home or just want to create a new look. Maybe you want to paint your home another color, but not every siding material can be repainted. If you want to change the exterior look of your home, that is a great reason to replace the siding.

 The Materials Are Past Their Lifespan

Most siding materials only have a maximum lifespan of 20 years, and for some, that is only if you maintain them. If you have had that siding for over 20 years, you can likely expect problems any day now. Sometimes it is better to just be proactive.

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