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Stucco Remediation

Long-lasting solutions to your stucco repair & remediation needs in Pennsylvania.

Whether we're dealing with a small crack or wear and tear that has been building up for years, you can count on us to educate you on the true state of your stucco remediation. We'll discuss with you what needs to be fixed, what doesn't, and walk you through the process so you fully understand what is being done. You can rest easy knowing that you'll end up with a proper and long-lasting solution to the problem at hand. 

Stucco Remediation in PA

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    Stucco Remediation Experts in PA

    We provide stucco remediation solutions for the following areas:

    • Moisture: Water build up behind stucco can cause instability and leaky walls. Water penetration also increases the risk for mold growth. Trust a remediation contractor to renew your stuccos defenses.
    • Wood Repair: The wooden frame materials within stucco walls are especially susceptible to water damage. Rotted plywood support beams can easily collapse and cause your walls to lose stability. If your support beams show signs of water damage, we will remove and replace damaged supports.  
    • Flashing: Flashing around windows diverts water away from stucco exteriors. If your flashing is worn your wall will be exposed to excessive moisture. We can provide the latest materials for protection against moisture.
    • Seal Exteriors: Our professional team will coat your stucco walls in protective sealing products to prevent moisture penetration and reduce the appearance of cracks. Sealants can even restore your stucco look with a color-enhancing stain. This preventative sealing also improves the resistance to weather damage.

    Revitalize Your Property with Expert Stucco Remediation Services

    Is your stucco in need of repair or restoration? Trust CC Plastering for top-quality stucco remediation services. Our skilled team specializes in restoring and revitalizing damaged stucco, ensuring your property maintains its beauty and integrity. Contact us at (215) 385-1351 to schedule a consultation and experience the difference our expertise can make for your home or business.

    David and his team did a fantastic job on our stucco remediation and replacement.— David C.
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