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Plastering Services

Save 20% off any job over $1,000. Contact C&C Plastering today at (215) 385-1351 to schedule your appointment, or use our contact form on the Contact Us Page. We offer exterior plastering and stucco services on residential housing, commercial buildings and remediation from stucco damage.

Stucco Services

Custom Stucco - Philadelphia, PA - C & C Plastering

Our Custom Stucco Services Include:

  1. 1.)   Flat texture stucco
  2. 2.)   Dryvit sand smooth finish
  3. 3.)   Dryvit exterior insulation/finish systems
  4. 4.)   Swirl coarse stucco
  5. 5.)   Swirl fine stucco

We carry a large selection of name brand stucco products, such as Perex, Portland, Penn Crete, and Pre Blend.

Residential Services

One of our fastest growing market segments is residential construction, and for good reason. We offer a variety of enhanced traditional stucco and EIFS type assemblies that reduce service challenges, increase product life and improve customer satisfaction.

C&C Plastering Exterior Assemblies enable the architectural community and builder to offer homes with elegant appeal while maintaining a realistic budget. Whether you build more affordably priced homes or custom structures for the most discriminating clientel, C & C Plastering can compliment your efforts by providing quality wall finish options.

Clearly, construction time is of paramount importance to builders. In considering subcontractor scheduling, return on investment and bringing your finished projects to market, C&C Plastering can be counted on for timely service delivery. Systems can be completed start to finish in as little as a few weeks. Mechanical attachment of cementitious sheathing materials or foam insulation allows fiberglass mesh and Base Coat to be installed in the same day. After drying overnight, C&C Plastering finishes and sealants will finalize the vertical walls. With the exterior portion completed, your home is now selling itself while the balance of construction is completed.

Remdiation Services

C&C Plastering is a specialist in plastering, stucco remediation and inspection. Our repair services can keep your Tri-State Area home in the exterior healthy and durable. Call David Condon today at (215) 385-1351 if your home is in need of immediate stucco remediation.

  • Moisture Checks: Damaged stucco and deteriorated sills allow water to seep behind the stucco on your walls. This water can rot building materials behind the stucco, causing instability and walls more prone to leaks. Water penetration also increases the risk for mold growth in your property interiors. Trust a remediation contractor to renew your stuccos defenses.

  • Wood Repair: The wooden frame materials within stucco walls are especially susceptible to water damage. Rotted plywood support beams are prone to collapsing and causing your wall to lose stability. Thankfully, stucco remediation contractors can remove and replace these damaged supports with ease. Have your support beams inspected immediately if your stucco reveals signs of water damage.

  • Flashing: The flashing materials near your windows divert water away from stucco exteriors. A windows caulk perimeter usually protects your wall from water intrusion, but worn flashing can expose your wall to excessive moisture. The best way to keep your homes flashing in top shape is with a contractor inspection and repair.

  • Seal Exteriors: Professional contractors will coat your stucco walls in protective sealing products. These sealers will prevent moisture penetration and reduce the appearance of cracks. Sealants can even restore your stuccos look with a color-enhancing stain. This preventative sealing also improves the resistance to weather damage.


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Commercial Services

C&C Plastering has the experience and knowledge to successfully complete your projects competitively, efficiently and with the finest quality in the Tri-State Area. We are capable of providing all your EIFS, Traditional Fiber Reinforced Stucco and Stone Veneers or Real Stone Veneer needs. Long term client satisfaction with the completed project is of prime importance. We are proud of our record of cost management, timely completions, professional installation and superior quality which have resulted in repeat business from the clients we serve. We are building relationships with respect, integrity, service and a long term perspective. We are capable of building projects ranging in size from $1,000 and up. C&C Plastering strives to build safely, on time and with quality construction for each and every customer.

Exterior Stucco Painting

If your stucco is faded and dirty but is still in really good condition. Get an estimate today for power washing and painting your stucco. We also offer painting on doors,windows and soffits.

Elastomeric Stucco Coating

Elastomeric Stucco Coating is a beautiful choice for your home’s exterior. It forms a weatherproof barrier against nature's harsh extremes.
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Basement Waterproofing

There are many different reasons your basement could have water, including plumbing issues, draining problems, and even landscaping complications. Even the strongest of homes can experience these water issues over time.
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Interior/Exterior Painting

A fresh paint job has the power to totally transform the look of your house while also protecting your investment, shielding it from sun, wind, and rain.
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Saftey Comes First

We take safety seriously. We are proud of our safety program and safety record. In order to promote safety we have provided our employees with the proper training programs and weekly onsite safety meetings. We were awarded a cost-containment advantage by the state of Pennsylvania for our exemplary program. C&C Plastering places a very high priority on safety throughout the company. We ensure all employees are in compliance with company and OSHA regulations. Safety meetings and trainings are held numerous times per year covering a wide range of topics per OSHA standards. C&C Plastering will continue to promote safety on all of our projects.