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Plastering Services

Save 20% off any job over $1,000. Contact C&C Plastering today at (215) 385-1351 to schedule your appointment, or use our contact form on the Contact Us Page. We offer exterior plastering and stucco services on residential housing, commercial buildings and remediation from stucco damage.

Stucco Services

Custom Stucco - Philadelphia, PA - C & C Plastering

Our Custom Stucco Services Include:

  1. 1.)   Flat texture stucco
  2. 2.)   Dryvit sand smooth finish
  3. 3.)   Dryvit exterior insulation/finish systems
  4. 4.)   Swirl coarse stucco
  5. 5.)   Swirl fine stucco

We carry a large selection of name brand stucco products, such as Perex, Portland, Penn Crete, and Pre Blend.

Elastomeric Stucco Coating

Elastomeric Stucco Coating is a beautiful choice for your home’s exterior. It forms a weatherproof barrier against nature's harsh extremes. A combination of sand, lime, Portland cement and water, stucco provides a durable weather-resistant substrate to protect your investment from the elements. Stucco and masonry structures expand and contract in response to the weather and structural stresses. Unlike typical exterior paints, this coating fills and bridges hairline cracks, helping to prevent damaging water penetration.

This extremely durable, mildew & dirt resistant waterproofing finish has superior elasticity & elongation properties to resist cracking. It withstands 98 mph wind-driven rain. The 100% acrylic latex formula provides a breathable film, releasing moisture that builds in walls.

This premium quality coating protects your home like a flexible blanket keeping your masonry and stucco safe and beautiful for years to come.

Frequent Problems and Solutions
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Before priming and painting the stucco our team will repair minor damage and cracks using Sherwin-Williams ConSeal Elastomeric Sealant or Textured Elastomeric Patches. The elasticity properties of these products helps reduce the chance of these cracks reappearing.
In order to eliminate the mold and mildew a “mildew bath” is required consisting of a mixture of bleach and water applied to the affected areas. Allow the solution to work for 15 minutes and agitate with a brush if necessary.
On occasion these white stains can be removed with a stiff brush. If this process does not work then an appropriate acid may be required to remove the stain and should be left to the professionals at CC Plastering. Sherwin-Williams SherLastic Elastomeric Coatings are formulated to resist efflorescence.
When painting stucco, particularly when chalking and significant color fade has occurred, the following process is recommended in order to achieve superior results. CC Plastering will pressure wash the surface to remove the chalking and compromised paint, atmospheric soil and other contaminants. Once the surface is clean and dry it may be necessary to apply a masonry primer. Sherwin-Williams Loxon coatings can help solve many of the challenges found with stucco including bridging hairline cracks, and resisting high pH, alkalinity, efflorescence, chalking, fading and mildew for beautiful color and sheen that lasts. Now it’s time to begin painting!
If the surface is sound and there is little to no change in color choice, then one coat of Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint, Resilience or Duration is a great choice for long lasting results and a beautiful appearance. If however, there have been problems with damage due to water penetration and hairline cracks Sherwin-Williams SherLastic Elastomeric Coatings should be considered. Sherlastic provides a flexible elastic film to prevent water penetration, hide hairline cracks and results in a pinhole-free finish.
If a significant change in color is desired then two coats of any of the products listed above may be required as well as back-rolling to achieve the desired result. Failing to apply two coats of a quality product and back- rolling during application can result in pinholes or “holidays” in the finish. All of these Sherwin-Williams products mentioned above come in a wide range of colors to suit your style.


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